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Health and Fitness Assessment 

If you choose to engage my services, before I do anything else I give you a full health assessment. I will provide you with a written report and some explanatory notes about what all the measurements mean and this is useful as it gives both a starting off point and a benchmark which you can measure your progress against. I carry out a range of tests that include :

  • Blood Pressure

  • Resting Heart Rate

  • Body Composition tests to determine your weight,

       body fat

  • Cardiovascular fitness tests determine how efficiently your body's circulatory and pulmonary systems are working , there are multiple variations of cardio tests and they can range from walking, running, cycling or a step test.

  • Muscular fitness tests give me information to design an effective resistance training program for you , some common tests include a pushup test, abdominal curl-up test, isometric bicep curl test, one or multiple tests in order to see a clear picture of your muscular fitness.

  • Range of motion and flexibility testing health assessments are available so that you can review your progress and ensure that you are on the correct exercise regime. They are also a great way of feeling good about yourself and an ongoing source of self motivation. I recommend that health assessments are carried out every 6 to 8 weeks.


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