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Health and Cereal Bars



Cereal Bars

Myth: Cereal bars are a good option for breakfast


  • Cereal bars are NOT a healthy option for breakfast. Most contain very high levels of sugar and can cause peaks in blood sugar levels leading to low energy levels mid morning.

  • If you are looking for a quick breakfast it only take two minute to make porridge and throw in some fresh fruit ( berries , cinnamon ). Alternatively have a banana and a yoghurt.

They are very new to the food chain , whole grains can be very bland and tasteless cereal bars often contain high amounts of refined sugars, sugar alternatives and fruit concentrates. This often exceeds the 15g per 100g that the FSA set as the level for a high sugar food. Will likely cause a high insulin response this is associated with fat storage. Grains used are high in mineral blocking phytic acid. Often use omega 6 dominant vegetable oils - sunflower, rapeseed or soy bean oil. Starches , gums, preservatives and emulsifiers are common additives, may be fortified with synthetic vitamins. Rapidly expanding new market that has gripped the convenience, 'healthy' ideal that so many are seeking, only time will really show what these highly refined carbohydrate snack foods will do to our bodies.

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