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Mandy, Virginia Water

" Gabriella has been my PT for three years and I am extremely grateful to her. She is a mobile personal trainer based in Surrey area.

I’m 61 years old who had a hip replacement in February and due to her unwavering assistance has just managed to wear my high heels to my daughter's wedding!!!!

Over the last three years, I have had pain in my hip due to arthritis. I wanted to learn how to train myself around my painful hip without creating pain or making it worse. She taught me how to strengthen the area around the painful hip and how to work around the problems in my body. She pushed me slowly to do more and more to push myself to new limits.

Prior to my operation due to her advice and training, I managed my life and was the best I could be being in a lot of pain but at the same time frightened of the operation (I was lucky enough never to have been under the surgeon's knife). Her encouragement helped me to have the courage to go through with the operation and her training has helped me to recover within record time.

I can’t recommend Gabriella highly enough for all she has done for me. She is always kind whilst still getting me to work to my full potential. Her skills in massage, advise about diet and vitamins have helped considerably. My surgeon has even remarked at my incredible progress and it is without a doubt down to Gabriella.

Long may my association with Gabriella continue."

Mandy Mcdermott


Loredana, Berkshire



Hello! My name is Loredana and I want to share my story with you. By the time I reach out to Gabriella I was in constant lower back pain and couldn't sleep for a month. I went to my GP which give me painkillers and sent me to physiotherapy, from there I was sent to pilates but I was still in lots of pain. I asked Gabriella for help and she made a video for me with lots of great exercises. Very soon after I started doing the exercises I felt better and better and soon I had no pain at all. Now after one year I have no pain and live a normal life thanks to Gabriella.

I am so grateful.

Thank you, Gabriella!



Loredana Ciobanu

Michelle, London


Hello! I'm Michelle. I was recommended to Gabriella by a friend after suffering from terrible back pain. I could not lift my right arm past my shoulder from years of study carrying heavy books and endless hours on a desk in front of a computer. I also suffered from tension headaches. After a consultation Gabriella did an assessment on me and we started our massage sessions, which incorporated deep tissue, Swedish and sports massage. She worked on my trigger points, stretched me out whilst also relaxing my muscles. 4 sessions in I could lift my arms past my shoulders and my back pain and headaches are measurably better. Gabriella constantly offers tips on my exercise routines, diet, and also stretching exercises. The wealth of knowledge I have gained about my wellbeing from this lady is invaluable.  Thank you very much!!


Michelle Rose

Su , London


" I had the opportunity to train with Gabriella just before my trip to Australia for a wedding I was attending there where I was also a bridesmaid. I wanted to be in the best shape possible as Australia has such an outdoor culture and so many sporting activities everywhere. I am so happy with the services from Gabriella. She truly understands the body and makes every session fun and fulfilling. Without her advice on nutrition and wellness, I wouldn’t have made such a dramatic improvement in my health and fitness. Here’s me feeling awesome at Sydney’s, Bondi Beach! The 10 weeks training has totally set me on the road to maintaining goals I have wanted to achieve for a long time. Gabriella is skilled in many areas of exercise; my favourite was functional training as it was using my own body weight and meant I could carry on doing what I had learned from her throughout the holiday. As a bonus, she also gives wonderful healing massages which I found to be such a compliment to the workouts. I would highly recommend Gabriella as your Personal Trainer and look forward to further sessions with her myself. "


Su Nubia

Miriam, London


I'd like to put my comment and expression about Gabriella's work with me. I did have a really serious back muscle injury, (Quadratus Lumbarum ) and was in really bad back pain for more than 8 months I did not have even one day without pain and could not live normally. Neither any prescribed drugs or painkillers was helping me nor menthol cream or muscle pain cream. Not even acupuncture or vein infusions either. One day I had decided I'm having enough of this pain and I decide to try special massage and back exercise and I did contact Gabriella for help. She came to my place and after simple muscle examination and small consultation we start my sports massage therapy twice a week massage (deep tissue) and back stretching and special exercise for lower back + whole back. After three months of intensive exercising, stretching and massaging my nasty back my pain completely gone, back get stronger and finally I could enjoy common things as I was doing before. Now I know for a future if any back injury will happen to me again, rest, massage, and right exercise is important and I gladly will contact Gabriella again, as she doing right and very good and professional work.


Miriam Buckova


After 7 months her posture improved with regular posture exercises anstretches. 



Hello! My name is Shelby I first met Gabriella after I had been to the doctors and spend plenty of time in the hospital, without any help.

I had been having a lot of pain, cramps within my lower abdominal and once a cramp hit it could make me fall and hit the floor the doctors and hospitals did many tests and they came back with no results. I started having sessions with Gabriella and instantly she could tell there was a problem. After the first session, I was told I could experience some terrible side effects of the bad toxic coming out of my body and true to her word I did I have a rash over my face, mouth ulcers and was being sick. But my second session followed suit and my belly started to unbloated and my side effects were a lot less. I ended up having 4 sessions with Gabriella and since then I have had no problems since. I then damaged my wrist and the first person I turned to was Gabriella and within 2 sessions it felt so much better and the pain was hardly there. I can not rate Gabriella highly enough she is a very pleasant person she understands you and is very good at advice on any personal or nonpersonal situation.


Shelby Warrell

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